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Wall Clocks

Metamec Sunray Clock Model 881 1967-83

Model 881 Sunray



                                                                             Large Sunray Wall Clock Quartz Model 4647

Large Sunray Wall Clock Model 4647 Quartz



Metal Sunray Metamec Clock Quartz Model 4652

Model 4652 Quartz

Metal Sunray


     Smaller Metamec Sunray Wall Clock                                                                          

 A smaller Sunray Wall Clock


Metamec Model 606 Unusual metal and plastic

 Model 606.  January 1974

Unusual metal and plastic


Metamec Wall Clock Model 888

Model 888  Electric



 Metamec Wall Clock Model 859

Model 859  Electric 


Metamec Wall Clock. Electric Model 612

Model 602  Electric

A colourful one !


Metamec Wall Clock. Electric Model 604 Model 604

Bought as new and unused in it's original box

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