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ISLE OF WIGHT Studio Glass

Here are three examples of English glass.  Photos 1 and 2 show a beautiful flask designed by Michael Harris - 'M.H. '82'. Isle of Wight Flask designed by Michael Harris (1933-1994) in 1972Isle of Wight Flask designed by Michael Harris Signed M.H.'82




 Both this flask and the perfume bottle shown in Photo 3 have inclusions of 22 caret gold and sterling silver leaf.
I believe the term 'Azurene' applies to both items.Isle of Wight Perfume Bottle with 22c gold, and sterling silver inclusions

 Isle of Wight Paperweighht



Photo 4 shows a paperweight with an unusual swirlled design

Michael Harris left England in 1968 for Malta.  In 1969 he set up the Mdina Glassworks with Eric Dobson.

We also moved to Malta in 1968 and bought a small house in Mosta, about 3.5 miles from Mdina.  We sold in 1970 before moving to Australia.
These three lovely pieces were kindly given to us by some very good friends who live nearby, and were Isle of Wight residents.

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