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3 pieces Aventurine GlassThese 3 examples of AVENTURINE glass were almost certainly made at Murano in the 1960's, when this ancient type of glass had a strong revival.
The golden streaks are made by the inclusions of copper oxides in the molten mix.

Although these pieces look very similar, they actually differ.
The large round vase shown in the centre and in Photo 2, measures 9 inches diameter and is cased INTERNALLY with a clear deep thick magenta layer.
Large Aventurine Glass VaseIt weighs 2,000gms.

The small vase shown on left in Photo 1 and also Photo 3 is 5.5 inches tall - it is cased with clear untinted glass EXTERNALLY and a thin layer of magenta glass internally.
It weighs 375gms. The tops of both of these vases have ground mouths, which suggests they may have been blown and the pontils ground back to form mouths.

The taller vase on right in Photo 1 and also shown in Photo 4 is quite different.  It is thinly cased inside and is much lighter for its size.  It appears to have been moulded.  However, it also has a magenta glow when held to a bright light.  It is 8.25 inches high and weighs 450gms.Small Aventurine VaseTaller Aventurine Vase



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