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eBay Sales and Purchases

SET 5 ALUMINIUM CANISTERS - Bakelite Knobs - green

In 2004 I bought quite a few sets of Aluminium Canisters, also some single ones, lids and knobs to complete some sets that were incomplete.
I found that I could buy very cheaply in many cases because the photographs were so bad, and often the description was poor.

The photos here are of one such set.Set 5 Aluminium Canisters-Bakelite knobs
I found a wonderful aluminium polish, which together with some elbow grease, and sometimes gentle panel beating and several hours work could transform a set costing about $40 into a similar set shown here that sold on eBay for over $160.


Set 5  Aluminium Canisters - Bakelite Knobs - greenOne of a set 5 aluminium canisters - Sugar


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