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I like to collect examples made by well known Silversmiths or designed by (or after) well known designers, such as Dr. Christopher Dresser.

Hukin & Heath of Birmingham were well known Silversmiths, founded in 1855. They made many articles, both in Sterling Silver and Electroplate, these included designs by Dr. Christopher Dresser.

Here are two examples of silver plated toast racks made by Hukin & Heath after designs, almost certainly, by Dresser.

Hukin and Heath Toast Rack





                                         Hukin and Heath Pair silverplated toast racks





I find it essential to store photographs of my purchases, both on the computer and with print-outs, in box files.  I also attach tags to each purchase with details such as eBay item number and the purchase price delivered.  This can be written in code if wanted.

I file the print-outs in box files with all details of purchase, together with digital photos of the item taken after delivery.  I show detailed hallmarks where possible.

I have had to have several racks replated.  I have found that eBay sellers who state that 'This toast rack could do with a good polish', really mean 'There is virtually no silverplate left and this article needs replating' !

I have no idea why they do this because I would never buy from such people again.

Here is an unusual and very sturdy example of a large toast rack with Edwardian etched decoration.  The maker's names made me smile, they are Lee & Wigfull of Sheffield.

                                   Lee and Wigfull Toast Rack

Lee and Wigfull Toast Rack

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