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I hope you find something on this website to make your visit memorable in some way.

I am happy to receive any contact relating to the site as (my husband) Lionel and I shared many happy hours creating it.  It proved to be a good introduction to computers and the internet and thankfully we had a patient son !

Lionel had a long, interesting and happy life and had only just begun to relate some of his memories. I do not think there would have been enough time to cover everything if he had lived to 100 ! 

I do miss his love and friendship so much and the sharing of ideas and thoughts.  He was the most inspiring and talented person and would make the most of every situation, turning a negative into a positive as quickly as possible. I feel very fortunate to have shared over four decades with the most loving and supportive partner and am constantly grateful for that time. We loved each other totally and this fact gives me so much spiritual strength that I am now able to treat each day as a wonderful gift to be constantly appreciated.

Best wishes, Shirley 


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