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Lionel WatneyLionel passed away in Toowoomba in the early afternoon of 24 June 2008, with his wife Shirley and son Carl by his side.

To respect the rich variety of experiences he enjoyed in 81+ years on this earth, we have left this, his website, the way he intended.  Had his health been better over the last couple of years, there would have been even more information to share, but he tried very hard to play the hand he'd been dealt with the enthusiasm and determination he was known for. It speaks volumes this site exists at all, with contents dutifully authored by a bloke who spent his life working with his hands, but didn't really touch a computer till he was in his mid 70's.

Hopefully some of Lionel's musings have served and will continue to serve others out there.  While he wrote the poem "December in the Bay" in another country over 4 decades ago, the words might in some way encompass the peace he has now found.


My name is Lionel Watney and I have been a collector for 66 years. 
Throughout my life (I've been around since 1927 by the way and started collecting at the age of 13), I have sought the excitement of discovering new :-

As a lifetime collector, my comparatively recent discovery of the joys of eBay and Google left me increasingly impressed by the power of the world wide web to help research information which was otherwise difficult to find. 

I decided to document some of my journey, in the hope it might help and inspire like-minded collectors around the world.

My own shelves are gradually becoming clearer, as I've parted with some of my collection, usually through eBay deals.  Having been a chef for a large part of my life, I also wanted to cover some recipes and food related ideas in the Food section.

Reading and writing poetry has helped me through many challenges, and I decided the poetry section will cover some of the inspiration I have found in the written word.


I am currently working on transferring some of my thoughts to this website.  Please be patient because this is a completely new experience for me and quite time consuming, as I am now using Voice Recognition  instead of using the keyboard.

Over time I hope to expand the site's offering to allow others to contribute and discuss topics of interest.
In the meantime you may wish to use the search page to look for items of interest, or browse the menu above to view the major sections of interest.

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