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Links to recipes are at the top and bottom of this page and I have worked very hard to make a recipe format that is functional.
I used to have to write out any recipe I was using, rather than have a book on the kitchen bench top, which was open to splashes etc. My solution is this - Please use your browser print function (file/print) to generate a hard copy of this printer friendly information.

Place your printed menu in a plastic sleeve and store in a box file in alphabetical order.
Your print out will give you a list of ingredients, so that you can  measure out the items for the dish you select.
When it comes to cooking, you will have instructions in  bold upper case which can be read easily, without glasses, and protected by the  plastic sleeve.

Please remember all spoon measures are for LEVEL spoons.
All quantities are approximate
t = teaspoon
T = Tablespoon
+ = add

I have modified my recipes, which in the past catered for larger numbers, to now serve just 2 or 4 in most cases.  Many of my recipes are original, whilst others are adaptions from my huge library of recipe books.
If you are looking for a recipe that I haven't listed, please contact me, lionel@watneys.com   I am sure I can find the answer for you  from my library.

Microwave cooking is one of my keen interests. I am also very interested in the traditional old Australian country recipes of years gone by, such as 'pufftaloons',  which were similar to dampers, but the 'dough' was usually fried in lard or fat, then served with golden syryp.

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