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This is the first poem I wrote about Shirley.  It was towards the end of 1964.  She had been helping me run The Prince of Wales Hotel in Greve de Lecq in Jersey, Channel Islands. but had to return home to England to be with her mother who I had met earlier that year.
Shirley and I have now been together 41 years. 
She is my all - the sweetest girl alive.  She loves everyone and everyone loves her !


A winter's day,
A crowded hall,
The time.
The speakers mumbling unintelligible words.
Two coffee cups,
two sandwich wraps,
That's all.
That's all I can remember now except for her,
Her warm embrace,
Her last soft kiss,
The way she walked alone out to the waiting 'plane.
The engine's roar,
The aircraft"s rise.
She'd gone.
Alone...I stood...and prayed to God she'd come back soon
To me,
to me

 Airport Farwell


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