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In the early 1960's I had a 'Watney's' pub in Jersey.
I hated every moment of being a publican and luckily sold it after 2 years.
This verse is about the lack of mental stimulation that 'bar talk' had for me.



 A man came in, looked round and said:
"A lovely day today".
I nodded and agreed with him:
"Yes! lovely day today".
He sat him down, pulled out his pipe 
and looked along the shelf.
I asked him what he'd like to drink,
"A gin just by itself".
"Here you are sir - one and four please",
Said he "You have one too",
I said "No thank you sir, you see
I've too much work to do".
"My God me lad" he said to me
"You're going down the drain
"If you don't have a drink with me
I'll not come in again".
"Well thank you very much" I said
"I'll have a shilling's worth",
I hoped to God the same spirit
would not give me his girth !
He knocked his gin back in one gulp
as I was mumbling "Cheers",
and then his eyes came down to rest
on rows of bottled beers.
"I'll have a Guiness if I may",
he said and wiped his chin,
and truly I can swear to you
he drank it fast as gin.
The man got up and off the stool
and made towards the door
And then I knew I'd hear him say
something he'd said before ....
"A lovely day today" he said,
(the passwords of our nation).
That's how I came to learn what's called
the art of conversation !!

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