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Soon after I sent my poem 'Airport Farewell' to Shirl, she 'phoned me to say her Mum had agreed to her coming back to live with me in Jersey, because she realised we were madly in love.
I cooked a special welcome home dinner with Chinese dishes, and I still have the menu and recipes in my recipe file !Single red rose


She 'phoned to say she's coming back.
Thank God, thank God: He heard my prayer.
She's coming back for Christmas so she said:             
No better gift could come from anywhere.

She 'phoned to say she's coming back.
Was it a dream or is it true ?
I long to have her letter in my hands
and read it's magic message through and through.

She 'phoned to say she's coming back.
I can't believe my luck has changed:
Once more my fingers can run through her hair;
Once more I'll see her smile when it's deranged.

She 'phoned to say she's coming back.
There's only one thing now I lack ...
The tingles that ran up and down my spine,
when on the 'phone she said ...."I'm coming back".

Renoir Roses

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