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This verse is one of many I wrote about city living.

L.S. Lowry - Crowds


I stood alone and saw them all,
The people walking in the street;
They bustled here they bustled there,
Then two or three would stop to meet:
They smiled and said "Nice day again,
how's your young Tom and little Joe ?"
Then followed other platitudes
until they said "I'll have to go,
his dinner's in the oven".

As they rushed off then others came:
Some walking fast, others were slow:
They looked alike, they dressed alike:
I watched them come, I watched them go.
Alone I watched and wondered what
the purpose in their lives could be.
Just as I stood wondering,
two children said whilst passing me,
'Our dinner's in the oven".

Did all their lives revolve around
a savoury dish prepared by Mum,
Or was there something else besides
that helped to make these people hum ?
And as I mused a man rode up
His bike fell on his garden bed:
As he went in his wife came out;
Her pinned up head just turned and said:
"Your dinner's in the oven".

Do all these people live to eat
Or are there some who eat to live ?
Do all their lives consist of take
Or are there those who sometimes give ?
These questions that I asked myself
went on and on all through the day.
I cannot tarry longer now
There's only one thing left to say,
"My dinner's in the oven !!"                       

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