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I have a 'wild' imagination at times.
This was for my lovely wife.


I thought I'd build a pedastal to stand you on by day.
Feed you grapes and lucious fruits so you'd not go away.
I need something quite stupendous on which you can recline
in my imagination: Goddess of love you're mine.

I want something really special, something so very good;
Not ordin'ry stone nor metal nor any sort of wood.
My mind flashed back to Athens - the Acropolis of old,
the wondrous columns that were there streaked with precious gold.

That is something quite stupendous: white marble from the Greeks.
Make a Corinthian pillar complete with golden streaks !
Then from that pillar you could gaze across our precious land,
wait for me to finish work to take you by the hand,
to lay you down on cushions of raw silk and Maltese lace -
Then I'd fetch sweet buttermilk and wash your pretty face.

You could sleep the night away and in early morning rise
I'd lift you on your pedastal under Autumn skies
Now in my imagination that is where you'll stay
On silk and lace at night and your pedastal by day !

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