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As mentioned earlier, I had a small venture growing Australian native trees and shrubs from seed and selling wholesale to retail outlets.
It was a wonderful experience and I was so content and happy at that time, but unfortunately drought put a stop to my short lived 'utopia'.


I have a secret place hidden 'twixt shrubs and trees
where I put plants in pots, I potter at my ease.
Sufficient sun shines through to keep me nice and warm
A sheet or two of tin will shelter me from storm.
What more can I desire than such a place to be
When no-one knows I'm there nor interferes with me.

An Autumn afternoon is 'specially pleasant there
I can strike new cuttings which later on will bear,
Birds supply my music from dawn 'til dusk each day
I cannot switch them off; they never go away,
then I wouldn't want them to: the music that they sing
seems absolutely perfect; in tune with ev'ry thing.
It's nice to be in tune up on this wooded 'lot'
It's nice to feel the breeze and not to care a jot
what goes on down in town or even far afield
This plateau and our trees make such a perfect shield.

Australian Butcher Bird/beautiful songstress

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