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This verse was written when I was confused about my purpose in life.  I felt I had tried but failed in many respects. I am pleased to say these sad  feelings were soon resolved and I returned to the positive and happy person I have been for 99.9% of my life.


When dice we held in youth are cast
and senses settle down to things that mean,
Then thoughts parade around and minds survey the scene.
The past looms large, conjectures grow from things
that might have been our lot:
Yet they were not - you know !

Fancies we dreamed when youth held reign
creep back into our minds from time to time,
but rusting impetus dispels thoughts so sublime.
Then fantasies of future days will take their place 
and mime an act:
disquietening fact - somehow !

From age to age so life goes on in hope,
Hopes that are sown on fertile ground:
At length, some will be gained, but most it will be found
have died a slow and natural death.
Were hopes too high, plans too unsound to last ?
My dice are cast - your throw ! 




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