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 We both have Australian citizenship now - It took quite some time to become Australianised !


There is a sheila I care for more than any in the world
Her face is sweet, her eyes are bright and her hair is slightly curl'd
Her name starts with S.H.I. but doesn't end with E.L.A
My sheila isn't Sheila - her name is Shirley by the way.

We're lazy here in Aussieland where everything is shortened
Afternoon is known as 'arvo' - then when you meet a friend
You don't say 'Good morning how are you? it's 'How yer going mate?'
it all takes some getting used to - for us Poms at any rate.

Picasso- girl

Now Shirley is a lovely name but it's rather long to say
No worries - chop the ending off, it's easier  that way
No decent cobber would be seen with a sheila - I mean girl
Who had a name like Shirley when it could easily be Shirl.


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