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I wrote this in 1990 when I was growing Australian native trees commercially, from seed, on a small scale.  They were a joy to handle and nurture.


One hundred years ago and more our forebears knew no better.
They toiled long hours to earn a crust so they'd not be a debtor.
They did not understand that trees were Nature's lungs and heart,
and so they started killing them right from the very start.

Oh ! What a legacy we've reaped from their misguided ways;
you'd think we'd learn to act by now to stop this sad malaise.
But, no ! some still go out and kill with poison and a lance.
If you rip out your lungs and heart, you will have Buckley's chance !

I've just seen from my paddock, as tears well'd in my eyes,
great silhouetted dying trees look stark against dull skies.
Now grass that once grew fresh and sweet will never grow again;
the soil that nurtured everything will wash away with rain.

So from my window, I now look, in early morning light
and to see the trees are dying is not a pretty sight.
High on the hill the poison is having it's effect,
thus adding to the range of things on earth that man has wrecked.

Each rain will cause erosion that we could do without.
New salty spots, upon the flats, will burn the grasses out.
Instead of gaining something good, I must tell you my peers,
this massacre will leave it's mark the next two hundred years.

Some of us try to rectify the failures of the past,
to help our planet to survive - the Universe to last.
We hear of ozone layers and such and try to do our best
to do the right thing for the world - but what about the rest ?

How many really care or think about the things that mean ?
The big almighty dollar is their all embracing scene.
It's sad to think, when we're all gone, our children must inherit
a world, so badly spoiled by us, from which they'll earn no credit !

And so, my friends, I pray you think before you kill a tree;
think of alternatives instead or have a yarn with me.
I'd like to give you some to plant and care for as I do,
so you and yours may live in peace; your trees clean Co2 !

                                                 Very depressed galahs

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